Sunday, 1 November 2009

Julia Roberts filming Eat Pray Love movie in Bali

Confirmed sighting of the Eat Pray Love movie filming in Bali

Julia Roberts is currently in Bali, Indonesia shooting the Ubud section of the film adaptation of the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. We drove past one of the shoot locations today and stopped to chat to the security guards but they wouldn't let us get any closer. They seem to be choosing secluded locations that can be blocked off easily, the access road was blocked by security but there were plenty of crew around and lighting rig trucks parked in a field down the road.

Apparently Julia Roberts has already filmed some scenes from Eat Pray Love in central Ubud however I am not sure how they pulled this off without anyone noticing as Ubud is only 3 streets big, we live and work there and have seen no sign of any film crews or security.

There has been some controversy in Ubud over the amount paid to individual and to the village for use of the land in filming the Eat Pray Love movie and apparently protests, however again we have seen no evidence of this. I'm guessing most of the shoot locations are in the smaller villages surrounding Ubud rather than central Ubud itself.

Filming in Bali is scheduled to continue until mid November and the Eat Pray Love movie is due for release in 2010