Sunday, 1 November 2009

Julia Roberts filming Eat Pray Love movie in Bali

Confirmed sighting of the Eat Pray Love movie filming in Bali

Julia Roberts is currently in Bali, Indonesia shooting the Ubud section of the film adaptation of the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. We drove past one of the shoot locations today and stopped to chat to the security guards but they wouldn't let us get any closer. They seem to be choosing secluded locations that can be blocked off easily, the access road was blocked by security but there were plenty of crew around and lighting rig trucks parked in a field down the road.

Apparently Julia Roberts has already filmed some scenes from Eat Pray Love in central Ubud however I am not sure how they pulled this off without anyone noticing as Ubud is only 3 streets big, we live and work there and have seen no sign of any film crews or security.

There has been some controversy in Ubud over the amount paid to individual and to the village for use of the land in filming the Eat Pray Love movie and apparently protests, however again we have seen no evidence of this. I'm guessing most of the shoot locations are in the smaller villages surrounding Ubud rather than central Ubud itself.

Filming in Bali is scheduled to continue until mid November and the Eat Pray Love movie is due for release in 2010

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Eat Pray Love summary

Summary of the Eat Pray Love movie and book

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia
is an autobiography book written by Elizabeth Gilbert about the author's travels after a messy divorce and her recovery along the way.

The Eat Pray Love book is split into 3 main sections. In the beginning we are introduced to 32 year old Elizabeth Gilbert who is living a seemingly fulfilling life with a husband, home, successful career and trying for a baby. However Elizabeth is not happy in her marriage despite loving her husband and ends up filing for divorce. After a very messy divorce she embarks on an intense love affair with another man but this too does not work out and leaves her even more depressed. She decides to take a trip around the world to heal her body and mind and find peace.

The first part of Eat Pray Love is 'Eat' and this is what her first trip revolves around. Elizabeth travels to Italy to learn Italian for no other reason than she thinks the language is beautiful. She finds she is spending most of her time eating and enjoying Italian food and this allows her to put back on the weight she'd lost through the stress of divorce and start enjoying her life again.

'Pray' is the second part of the Eat Pray Love book in which Elizabeth travels to India and joins a yoga ashram in an attempt to heal herself spiritually. After four months of yoga and praying she finally finds peace in her mind.

Finally she travels to Bali, Indonesia where she settles in the village of Ubud and meets a man (yes you guessed it, 'Love' is the final section of Eat Pray Love), a Brazilian expat named Filipe, who teaches her how to love again. After writing the book, Elizabeth married Filipe and they are still living happily ever after!

Paramount pictures bought the rights for the Eat Pray Love movie and Julia Roberts is currently filming in Bali for the 'Love' section of the film and has already completed filming in Italy and India for the 'Eat' and 'Pray' sections. The Eat Pray Love movie is due to be released in 2010.

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